Preventive Health consultations

Our body is the most beautiful and complex creation of the almighty. In order to keep it at its functionally active we feed it with food as a fuel. While most of the ingredients of our diet might not be as healthy as we think about it. Moreover, your body constituency also plays an important role in categorization of food as healthy or unhealthy exclusively for you. Here is the loop hole missed by most of the individuals suffering from various ailments, despite of being health conscious and trying to maintain an optimum level of health. The conclusion to it is, no matter what healthy food you consume or avoid, the point is whether it is or it is not the right food for You?

Similar is with lifestyle. We follow a lifestyle that we think might be the best, but considering our individual body constitution, type of work profile, fitness goals, climatic conditions and other such influencing factors thought together it might not be the best of what we require.

Most of our efforts put towards preventive health aspects do always lack the much needed expert advice to channelize our efforts and energy in the right direction. Here at Yoga and Ayurveda For You we are dedicated to improve your understanding towards your health and furnish with best of the expert advice customised for your health.

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