Ayurveda and Haematology
(Author : Dr. Sachin Sarpotdar)

What is haematology?

Haematology is a branch of medicine associated with diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering with the diseases related to blood, blood components, spleen, bone marrow and blood related factors such as mechanism of coagulation. Various diseases including anaemia, leukemia, myeloma, lymphoma, idiopathic thrombocytopenia, etc. are included under this branch of medical science.

What Ayurveda suggests about haematological disorders?

Haematological disorders are described in almost all Ayurveda texts by the sages. Disease such as Pandu, Raktapitta can be correlated with modern medicine, to provide better understanding for common masses; most of the haematological conditions are covered under these chapter title explained in Ayurveda.

Most of the common and uncommon both disorders in haematology are rare and have a lower incidence rate; and it is also understood from health statistics that occurrence of these disease have been only increased over a period of time. These disorder were very much uncommon at the time of Ayurveda texts were written. This compelled the authors to compile various conditions under the above mentioned chapters; hence the references that we find in the texts are quite precise and concise without much explanation. Fortunately with the help of research in Ayurveda and technology provided by modern equipments, we now have an evidence based data of treatment and its modalities in Ayurvedic haematology.

How can Ayurveda help in treatment of haematological disorders?

Most of the times conventional modern medicine has answers to many of the diseases but when it comes to chronic and idiopathic diseases, it has very less to provide as treatment with better quality of life. Right at this limitation of our today’s conventional medicine Ayurveda provides a better and long lasting result based treatment to improve the quality of life and health status of the patient.

Ayurveda can help in restricting the use of steroids and its side effects or adverse effects. Many a times it is also observed that patients need to undergo a heavy side effect medicine as a part of life support or even surgeries to provide life support. In such conditions multiple patients have been benefited by Ayurvedic medication and lifestyle improving their quality of life and also life span in severe conditions like aplastic anaemia.