Free Second Opinion

Free second opinion is an idea initiated towards resolving queries and proving specific information on personal basis. It is observed that many individuals with coexisting ailments are undergoing treatment therapy of conventional medicine. But at the same time they are also keen towards exploring the scope of improvement and betterment of chronic conditions with help of Yoga and Ayurveda. It is not always possible to find the right information on the internet, especially on personal basis where the web is already filled with numerous testimonials which most of the time do not match your specific health condition. Thus it confuses in taking a decision whether to switching the ongoing treatment or to side by side start the alternative medicine.

To provide such personalised suggestions and resolve queries leading to myths created by incomplete knowledge, we have initiated the idea of Free second opinion where you can get an personalised expert advice specific to your health condition.

To get a Free Second Opinion mail us at: with an brief overview of your health condition, your question and Free second opinion as the subject of your mail.