Dr Sachin Sarpotdar

Dr Sachin Mohan Sarpotdar is an Ayurveda practitioner based out of Pune, India. He holds a Bachelor’s in Ayurveda (BAMS) and Master’s in Health Science (M.Sc) from the esteemed University of Pune. Apart from the above Dr Sachin is Master’s in Counselling and & Psychotherapy (M.S) and UGC NET qualified in Community Health and Social Medicine. His experience of practice in the field of medicine spans from 1997 till date and counting ahead; with thousands of patients treated successfully. Considering his outstanding contribution in the field of medicine, he is felicitated by the Maval Doctor’s Association in the year 2014. Although he is an acclaimed think-tank & practitioner of Ayurveda, Dr Sarpotdar has a speciality in treating haematological and chronic disorders with his knowledge and experience in Ayurveda.

Apart from Clinical practice, Dr Sarpotdar has a keen interest in sharing his medical and clinical knowledge with students. He believes in the fact that ‘sharing knowledge increases knowledge’. With this noble thought he stepped into academics and served as an honorary lecturer in PDEA’s College of Ayurveda and Research Centre & Sumatibai Shah College of Ayurveda, Hadapsar. Apart from the field of curricular academics he is also a faculty member of International Academy of Ayurveda (IAA), wherein he conducts regular lectures and seminars on different topics of Ayurveda for overseas student coming from USA, France, Spain, Brazil and around the globe.

Expanding the horizon of his Ayurveda practice he a visiting faculty at centres in USA and European countries like Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. The primary intention in his foreign activities is to promote and propagate the ancient knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Dr Sarpotdar as a writer has published multiple articles in the Dhanvantari magazine on topics like Obesity, Rejuvenation therapy, Ayurvedic Pharmaco-epidemiology, Hepatitis B and Pharmacology. Apart from which he is a regular writer in the magazines like Srujan Chikitsa, Satyaanveshan, and other Spa magazines. As an author he has published seven books; Research Methodology & Medicial Statistics, Dainandin Arogya Gatha, Preventive Cardiology and Ayurveda, Joint Disorder and Ayurveda, Neurological Disorders and Ayurveda, Handbook of Pathology, Practical handbook of Rog Vidnyan and Vikruti Vidnyan and many other books on topics related to Ayurveda.

As a Medical practitioner Dr Sarpotdar has always been a socialite; and has positively contributed towards the society for a better and healthy life for the masses. He has conducted multifarious social awareness programs with lectures on Geriatric Health for senior citizen club, health check up camps for schools in Pune, Guidance and Motivational speech for psychologically challenged children intended to their parents helping them in the upbringing, volunteering himself as a doctor at Rural health check up camps organized by RSS and numerous add on to the list. Dr Sarpotdar was also a key note speaker at ‘Rasashastra Sambhasha’ organized by Dhootpapeshwar in Sri Lanka; where the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka was the guest of honour.

Today Dr Sachin Sarpotdar is a celebrated personality in the field of Ayurveda for his distinguished efforts. He is an eminent practitioner, popular speaker, articulate writer, active mentor for students and a social figure.