7 reasons to do Yoga
(Author : Dr. Swapnil Rane)

Why Yoga?

Yoga has been a very popular form of exercise these days. Especially after the declaration of International Yoga day, the popularity of Yoga has multiplied itself. Thanks to Yogis like Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Ramdev baba, Shri Shri Ravi Shankaran, Iyengar and other, to set a trend of Yoga philosophy and practice around the globe.

The modern day Yoga is flooded with various forms like KundaliniYoga, Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, etc. The basic form of Yoga which was developed by the Indian sages dated thousands of years ago is the Ashtang Yoga, which comprises of 8 fold Yoga practices. It included the philosophy, asana or postures, behavioural rules, meditation, body detoxifications, breathing techniques, etc. Today most of us follow the most easily practised and concise form of Yoga limiting it to improve your flexibility and digestion. However, this can give you tremendous results if your only goal is to stay healthy.

Every individual might not feel that Yoga is his or her kind of exercise as most of the individuals not practising Yoga either believe it as a subtle form of exercise or are unaware of the long term benefits of Yoga. Here are 7 reasons that may make you practise Yoga on a regular basis.

1. Yoga for the Gym heroes –

The best known gain from Yoga is that it benefits you with flexibility and tones your musculo-skeletal tissue. If you are a heavy workout buddy at the gym you may have experienced the fatigue, stiffness and muscle soreness as well. Yoga can be a perfect solution for you if practised twice or thrice a week. Yoga helps to loosen up your muscular tissue boosting your flexibility and also provides with more room for your muscles to pump up. To make the best out of Yoga it is suggestive to practise it at least for a period of a month (twice or thrice a week, especially when you take a off after a heavy workout).

2. Yoga for weight training –

Yoga can be adopted instead of weight training as it gives minimum impact to your joints and ligaments; yet giving you all the benefits of weight training. It may still not pump up your muscles as much as the weight raining does, but it surely increases the flexibility and core strength of an individual.

3. Yoga for the beauty freaks –

Yoga improves your circulation and benefits your deepest tissue by cleansing the toxin blockages resulting in proper nutrition to the deepest cellular level. This will eventually give you a better complexion, even tone and glowing healthy skin. For a long lasting effect the time required may vary around a month or half a year at the most depending on your body constituency and level of fitness.

You will also notice your hair growing denser and longer. It is a very unusual myth that sweating causes hair fall. Hair fall due to profuse sweating happens only when you do not maintain your scalp hygiene and not due to sweating. In fact sweating helps releasing the toxins from body and also avoids any further toxin accumulation. It is advisable that you tuck up your hairs in a bun style or clip them high to your head firmly so they do not go messy while your Yoga routine.

4. Yoga to helps elevate your mood –

Yoga is meant to bring you physical, psychological and spiritual stability thus bringing your mind, body and consciousness in a state of harmony. This helps you to fight several psychological symptoms like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. Apart from which, it also enhances the endorphin and serotonin (the feel-good stuff) levels creating an intense feeling of happiness and good vibes around you.

5. Yoga for the Cardiac patient –

Most of the exercises put a load on your heart demanding more energy. This demand is fulfilled by vigorous supply of oxygen and nutrients through blood pumped by your heart. Yoga does not give any cardiac overloads; in fact it improves the cardiac function and also strengthens the heart muscles.

6. Yoga for Arthritis –

You might have seen many people doing advanced poses of Yoga stretching their body to a limit which your physical condition may not allow at instance. But, there are many basic poses of Yoga which are best suitable for individuals suffering from various Joint or Arthritis conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Spondylosis, etc.

7. Yoga to enhance your sleep –

Yoga helps you relax your mind and body, relieving you from stress and also benefits you with the feel-good vibes (due to serotonins). It also helps in the natural production of melatonin (the sleep chemical) in your body, thus improving the quality and quantity of sleep.

Yoga may not pump up metal into your muscles, but will gently enhance your body, mind and consciousness. Regular Yoga practice will help you combat with your ailments and also make you feel energetic for the day ahead. Several Yoga postures are designed exactly to tone up your muscles and shape up your physic. With an addition of Pranayama or the breathing techniques you may eventually find a new and healthier you in yourself.

All that is needed is a determination, dedication, practise and a simple cosy place with a mat for your Yoga workout.